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Cleanex Managed Cleaning Solutions

Cleanex provides an on site comprehensive analysis to detect crucial cleaning maintenance issues that need updating, changing or given extra attention.  Our expertise in helping companies is only the beginning of the important advantages we have over similar services.

  • Cleanex supports our clients with a commitment that that goes beyond large commission and minimum service requirements.
  • Cleanex is a fully stocked distributor of green cleaning supplies on hand for faster deliveries.
  • We keep you in compliance with a solid guarantee of our cleaning & maintenance work.
  • We offer 24/7, 365 day emergency cleaning services.
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The Works

This full coverage program covers the need for most companies.
You can also choose individual programs ala carte.

  • Cleanex Assessment
  • Cleanex Products Package
  • Cleanex Team Training
  • Cleanex Equipment Repair
Need a Free Appraisal?

Cleanex Products Package

We become your main supplier for every cleaning need. Our products are proven in the field and are environmentally sensitive. Take advantage of reduced program pricing.

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Cleanex Team Training

We show your maintenance team superior techniques for the different types of cleaning: Floors, walls, carpet, kitchen, etc. It includes safe handling of cleaning chemicals

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Cleanex Equipment Repair

We can take care of equipment maintenance repair on site, reducing cleaning downtime.

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“Best all-round cleaning service we’ve ever had.”
– Dan Smith, Holiday Inn